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The Best Time

Last night, CPAA hosted its very first awards ceremony at the legendary Ivy Room.

President Biden has met the moment in the face of extraordinary opposition and pulled us back from what could have been an intractable circumstance. Under his leadership and bipartisan approach, we will avoid the loss of millions of jobs and the decimation of retirement savings, while protecting working people against draconian cuts to public safety and education
A delegation of Italian school leaders visited San Francisco to gain firsthand accounts regarding evidence-based practices that produce equitable student learning outcomes in a post-COVID-19 pandemic environment.

Some 3,000 Sacramento teachers were forced into a 1-day strike on April 11 over lousy school conditions, and the district’s labor law-breaking.

And, unlike the wave of forced teacher strikes around the country that started just over a year ago in West Virginia, in this case, the two go hand-in-hand.

CPAA has gotten a verbal commitment from our Mayor-Elect, Lori Lightfoot, to increase overall staffing in your schools (see video below).

Advocates of equal pay for equal work used Equal Pay Day, earlier this month, to lobby the Senate to make pay equality

Greetings School Leaders:
Watch the video below to listen to ten minutes of highlights from CPAA's interview with our Mayor-Elect, Lori Lightfoot. I briefed our next mayor on a few of our major issues and she has committed to working with us to address them. Watch the video to hear her for yourself.


Over the past seven years, principals have expressed growing concerns and fears regarding being arbitrarily targeted for multiple investigations, being removed from their schools, and the genuine lack of due process that negatively impacts the professional careers and livelihood