Allies for Public Education eXcellence (APEX)

The principals and assistant principals of CPAA seek to build cooperative relationships and alliances with parents, teachers, students, and community members to advocate together on common concerns. Sign up here for updates on our work.

CPS leadership has failed to seriously engage each of these groups in the design and execution of their pandemic schooling plans. They’ve shown they do not respect the voices of parents, students, teachers, or community members. They don’t even respect the voices of the principals who have to implement the district's policies. Each of these groups has been working tirelessly to give voice to similar concerns, but we all need each other’s help. Together we can have a much stronger impact on CPS policy than any one group can by itself.  

Please follow this link to sign up and become an ally. Together we change CPS for the better.


  • How ignoring the warnings of principals led to racist outcomes for African American and Hispanic students.
  • CPS undermines the legal authority of Local School Councils.
  • Learn how CPS created a racist system that screens Black and Hispanic candidates out of its principal pool, and about a proposed law that would restore collective bargaining for Chicago’s principals and assistant principals.
  • District Manager accused of abusing CPS Principals.