CPAA Legislation Forces CPS to Abandon SBB for Special Ed and Return to Position-Based Budgeting

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On February 15th, CPAA did something no organization in Chicago had attempted. We filed legislation in Springfield (HB 5241 and SB 3514) designed to outlaw several of the practices CPS uses to delay and deny special education services.

Those practices are:

  1. Late budgets

  2. Underfunding position costs

  3. Inadequate lump-sum budgeting (SBB) for special education

  4. Zero-sum budgeting (pitting special education against general education)

  5. A secretive and grossly discriminatory appeals process

  6. Appeal denials based on suspicion—rather than proof—of incorrect IEP’s

We are pleased to report that yesterday, CPAA President, Troy LaRaviere, testified in Springfield before both the House and Senate Education Committees, and our bill passed the House committee by a vote of 15-1, and the Senate committee by a vote of 9-0. Both chambers passed it over strong objections from CPS.

This bill has already forced CPS’ hand. Less than a month after we filed it, CPS announced spring budgets and a return to position-based budgeting for special education. However, we need all of these policies outlawed, and we want to ensure CPS cannot return to these nefarious practices when the public’s attention is elsewhere. We have some time to improve and perfect this legislation, and we will be reaching out for your feedback soon.