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For the past couple weeks, Chicago based Groupon has handed over its social media audience of 22 million to African American entrepreneurs, activists, and leaders to amplify their voices during the

Part III

In Part One of this series we looked at the origins of racism. In Part Two we analyzed several forms of racism with a focus on conditioned racism.

Part II: Racism Defined / How Racism Works

Part One of our primer on confronting American racism discussed the creation of racism.

Part I: The Construction of Racism

After the video of the murder of George Floyd started to dominate the news cycle, it took several days for me to force myself to watch it. All nine-minutes of it. The anguish that swelled within me was so overpowering that it felt as if it was going to burn away pieces of my soul. A couple of days later I found myself in jail after being arrested while participating in a protest demonstration near Trump Tower.

CPAA Files Lawsuit to Protect Your Health

Even after the COVID-19 related deaths of two CPS employees, CPS continues to fail to provide the essential protections needed to keep people safe at school buildings. In response, CPAA filed a lawsuit on April 27 with the Illinois Circuit Court of Cook County.

“Public sentiment is everything...Whoever molds public sentiment goes deeper than he who enacts statutes, or pronounces judicial decisions.”
--Abraham Lincoln
School leaders, today the courage, sacrifice, and plight of school leaders like you broke through to the mainstream media.

The Status of CPAA Advocacy on Three Major Member Priorities

Our members have expressed many concerns, but the three that surface most often of late are safety, leadership, and compensation.

COVID-19 Duty Pay Must be Set to 50%

School leaders, this morning I sent the letter below to CPS CEO Janice Jackson and CEdO LaTanya McDade. In short, I made a strong case for setting administrator COVID-19 "premium" compensation to the 50% level. It is my hope that the CEO and CEdO will demonstrate some respect for the value and worth of the work that school administrators like you are doing during this remarkable moment in our history. If there is an opportunity to bring up the matter during today's web conference with the CEO, feel free to do so.