News and Advocacy

Chicago Sun-Times Publishes Essay from CPS Principal Seth Lavin, giving a voice to Chicago public school administrators.
Standing Tall for Students, Families and Educators.
The Role of Principals and AP's in the CPS/CTU Tentative Agreement
Letter Asserts Principals Were Blindsided by CEO; Calls for Leadership
The very people who witnessed firsthand our democracy under assault now have the opportunity to strengthen our system of government, not weaken it.
The DOE makes clear that its overriding guidance to school districts is to use American Rescue Plan funds to make educational systems better for students, educators, staff, schools, and their communities post-pandemic.
With apologies to FDR, we’re going to paraphrase his message announcing the attack on Pearl Harbor.
The PRO Act will involve civil fines for breaking labor law, including making CEOs pay.
The scholarship applies to any year of study, from the freshman year of college through the last year of graduate school, including law school and medical school.