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The Best Time

Last night, CPAA hosted its very first awards ceremony at the legendary Ivy Room.

President Biden has met the moment in the face of extraordinary opposition and pulled us back from what could have been an intractable circumstance. Under his leadership and bipartisan approach, we will avoid the loss of millions of jobs and the decimation of retirement savings, while protecting working people against draconian cuts to public safety and education
A delegation of Italian school leaders visited San Francisco to gain firsthand accounts regarding evidence-based practices that produce equitable student learning outcomes in a post-COVID-19 pandemic environment.

Chicago has some of the most dedicated assistant principals in education today.  

We see you APs working to create a healthy learning environment for your students. We notice you encouraging staff members; we find you providing administrative supports; we witness you connecting with parents and caregivers; we know your capacity for empathy toward students, and we feel your ever present community support.  

Here is a Bonus Segment from our Mayoral interviews. This 8-minute clip features Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson responding to CPAA members' concerns about union recognition, administrator pay, Latino school leadership, and public safety.

In the fifth installment of our interviews with Mayoral Candidates Brandon Johnson and Paul Vallas, we shared data about the rise in investigations of principals and assistant principals.Watch the video to see how the candidates responded.

“Assistant principals play a crucial role in helping students and teachers achieve success,” said bill co-sponsor U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.).

The runoff candidates for Mayor of Chicago filmed separate sit-down interviews at the headquarters of the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association (CPAA). In this clip, Part 4 of the series, both candidates learn about how CPS management failed to take action to get support and adequate placement for a student who engaged in a series of violent actions against staff and students over the course of several months.