Vindicated: Part 1 of 3

Education Reporter with a Strong Track Record
Confirms Three CPAA Accusations Against CPS Management

CPAA’s president has been telling four distinct truths about CPS management’s actions against principals for several months. Those truths are as follows:

  1. Management has a pattern and practice of targeting strong Black principals, especially Black men.

  2. The CPS Law Department uses substandard investigative practices against these principals.

  3. The charges against Principal Abdul Muhammad are petty and did not justify removing him even if they were true, and, to be clear; they are not.

  4. The charges are false and knowingly fabricated by management.

The SUPES-Byrd-Bennet Bribery ScamFilthy Schools Created by Privatization, and the CPS Special Education violations all have one thing in common. Sarah Karp was the reporter who exposed each of them and brought them to the larger public consciousness. In her front-page Sun-Times article, Sarah Karp investigated the first, second, and third claims above, and her findings validated all three. She did not investigate whether or not the charges were fabricated. This decision appears to be based on her conclusion that the charges were so petty that they did not justify the removal of a principal and therefore did not warrant further investigation on her part. The analysis below focuses on Karp’s findings regarding claim #1: discrimination against Black principals, particularly Black male principals.

Claim #1

CPS Management Has a Pattern and Practice of Targeting and Removing Black Principals, Especially Black Male Principals

Based on numbers provided by CPS management in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, Karp found that seven of nine principals removed last year were Black, and six of the seven Black principals were Black men. She also found that CPS did not include Principal Abdul Muhammad in their totals. With Muhammad, seven of the ten principals targeted and removed were Black men. So while Black Men make up just 8% of principals, 70% of the principals targeted and removed by CPS are Black Men.

In the next installment of this Vindicated series, we will explore what the Sun-Times and WBEZ found regarding our claim that CPS used substandard investigative practices against principals. 

Sun-Times Article
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