Principal burnout is a pressing issue. Too many strong school leaders are walking away from the profession due to unhealthy stressors. We recognize the need for wellness and are committed to sharing pathways to help leaders thrive.  Join our workshop during SLI and learn ways to overcome the stressors inherent in the job that create challenges to your overall health:

Learn to:

  • Take breaks
    Discover practical strategies to ensure you get the rest you need to stay energized and effective.

  • Set boundaries
    Find out how to establish healthy boundaries that protect your well-being.

  • Thrive within unhealthy systems.
    Gain tools to navigate and influence unhealthy systems without falling victim to them.

What to Expect:

The initial one-hour workshop, developed by Rito Martinez, will focus on healing-centered leadership and address the harmful effects of systemic inequity on school leaders. This session will serve as a kickoff to a series of supports that promote and protect school leaders’ physical and mental well-being.