CPAA Honors Key Leaders

The Best Time

Last night, CPAA hosted its very first awards ceremony at the legendary Ivy Room. With all the pressing items on our agenda some people asked if this was the best time to have a celebration. The answer is absolutely – and the event proved that fact.

As Chicago’s school leaders, we are often confronted with inequities and other reasons to fight.  But our members know that the reasons we fight are the same reasons we celebrate. The work you do now will set the foundation for school leaders’ rights in the near and distant future. This is about you and it is also about something larger than you.

Last night was an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the individuals who have contributed so tirelessly and courageously to the advancement of us all. It was a chance to shine a light on the work done behind the scenes and celebrate the school leaders who did that work. There was no better time.   

Our Movers and Shakers awards went to members who best encompassed our values and mission both in their school community and in the CPAA community. Our Robert Croston Award for Outstanding Legislator Service was given to the legislators who worked in Springfield to push our bills into law. The beauty of an event like ours wasn’t just the outdoor private venue on a warm spring night or the elegance of the indoor banquet hall. The beauty of the night was the energy of connection, purpose, and tangible hope for a better day for our schools and the amazing people who lead them. We engaged in fellowship, toasted our unity, and cheered our colleagues' successes. Then there was the dancing! A time to let loose and just enjoy each other's company… and what a good time we had!

As we wrap another school year, we recognize that there is no better time to recommit to our association's work or increase our existing commitment. What that looks like is up to you. If you are not a member, it means joining. If you are currently not engaged as a member, it means showing up. If you show up, it means following through and taking collective action. Now is the time!

For those of you who couldn’t make it this go-round, we’ll see you next time. To each of you who joined us last night, you made it memorable, you made it fun, you made it happen … It really was the best time.