Chicago Tribune Covers Contributions and Plight of Principals and Assistant Principals

“Public sentiment is everything...Whoever molds public sentiment goes deeper than he who enacts statutes, or pronounces judicial decisions.”
--Abraham Lincoln
School leaders, today the courage, sacrifice, and plight of school leaders like you broke through to the mainstream media.

For nearly two months, CPAA has advocated intensely for school administrator safety. Today, as a result of this advocacy, the Chicago Tribune published a story about the challenges CPS administrators are confronting. Thanks to the Tribune story, the general public is now more aware of the contributions you're making, and the unnecessary risks you're being asked to take.

K-12 principals are already the most trusted leadership professionals in the United States. Help us build on the respect and trust we have here in Chicago by sharing the Tribune article about our sacrifices as widely as possible.  

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“Despite CPS’s failures to keep its school leaders safe, principals  ... continue to courageously interact with hundreds of people to distribute computer devices and keep their schools open for food distribution.”
-- Excerpt from Tribune story