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CPAA Files Lawsuit to Protect Your Health

Even after the COVID-19 related deaths of

“Public sentiment is everything...Whoever molds public sentiment goes deeper than he who enacts statutes, or pronounces judicial decisions.”

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The Status of CPAA Advocacy on Three Major Member Priorities

Our members have expressed many concerns, but the three that surface most often of late are safety, leadership, and compensation.

COVID-19 Duty Pay Must be Set to 50%

School leaders, this morning I sent the letter below to CPS CEO Janice Jackson and CEdO LaTanya McDade. In short, I made a strong case for setting administrator COVID-19 "premium" compensation to the 50% level. It is my hope that the CEO and CEdO will demonstrate some respect for the value and worth of the work that school administrators like you are doing during this remarkable moment in our history. If there is an opportunity to bring up the matter during today's web conference with the CEO, feel free to do so.

CPAA Advocacy Leads to Change in the District's COVID-19 Staffing Policy

We still have work to do regarding compensation, childcare exceptions, waste, inequity, and the overall lack of guidance for principals and lack of leadership from the district during the COVID-19 closures. Still, I want to report that pressure from CPAA has led to an important change in the district's report-to-work policy.

Last night I sent part of the results from our COVID-19 Survey to the CPS CEO, the Mayor, and every member of the Board of Education.