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As the custodial management contract with Aramark inside Chicago Public Schools (CPS) comes to an end, there’s a palpable mix of anticipation and reservation.The decision to bring management back unde
Juneteenth is more than a day of celebration; it is a moment of profound historical significance that underscores the enduring struggle for equality and justice in America that continues to this day.

Sweetwater Union High School District (Caifornia) principals and assistant principals are the latest group of school administrators to join AFSA, as part of the Administrators Association Sweetwate

We ask principals to do a lot already, but we also need them to be at the center of advocating for funding key national education programs.
The Israel-Gaza war is distressing, and children and teens may be wondering why this violence is occurring and what else will happen in the future.
Kids have an ability to see through a lot, including through you. They know when you’re on their side. We are more than ever a partner with our families in educating a child.

Every National Principals Month, AFSA expresses its gratitude by highlighting outstanding school leaders.

“Who are you?” a 4-year-old boy asked Sedrick Smith when he and his little classmates entered the principal’s office on a recent pre-K tour of Fallstaff Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore. 

In addition to being principal at Fallstaff, Dr. Smith is an adjunct professor of education at Loyola University Maryland and a writer who has been published in The Baltimore Sun, the Chicago Tribune and various scholarly journals.