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Ensuring equitable and affordable health care for all Americans is one step closer and you can help make it happen.

Our nation's young people are facing an unprecedented mental health crisis.

“My love for transportation came from seeing how beautiful the buses look all around the county.”
To combat health problems in children and to promote a healthier alternative to school lunch meals, Congress is moving to upgrade the school meal program in cafeterias across the country.
"Nearly everything about the school suddenly changed in March 2020. The pandemic was becoming a common topic on the nightly news. I had a strong intuition that things might quickly grow more dire."
“I have to recruit teachers with a developing and progressive mindset, not necessarily a traditional mindset.”

What have principals and assistant principals accomplished through CPAA? It's important that we be able to articulate the efficacy of the collective work that we do together through our professional association, CPAA. So check out our list of 2020-2021 accomplishments.

AFSA President Ernest Logan has a few thoughts for National Principals Month.