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Education Reporter with a Strong Track Record Confirms Three CPAA Accusations Against CPS Management

Aryelle Smith is transitioning to a new phase in her personal and professional life, closing the chapter on her three-and-a-half years as CPAA’s General Counsel. 

This month, the Montgomery County Association of Administrators and Principals (MCAAP) have officially become AFSA Local 146.

CPAA’s Leaders and Libations event moved our work forward in several ways. Part social event, part networking, and part issues discussion, Leaders and Libations is aimed at giving school leaders a relaxed environment away from schools and network offices to imagine a better school district and the steps it will take to move CPS toward that vision.

If you work in CPS and are a member of CPAA then your son or daughter is eligible for a $2,500 Diann Woodard National Scholarship if he or she is attending college for the first time in 2019. 

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Chicago Public Schools Violates Due Process to Remove Principals


This winter, CPAA held a dinner celebration to honor CPS principals and assistant principals who retired in 2017 and 2018. Congratulations to Dr. Stanley Griggs, Kimberly Jockl, Susan Kukielka, Cassandra Washington, Edward Breen, Dana Andre Butler, Mary Katherine Clancy, Karen Koegler, Dr. Patricia McCann-Nicholes, Patrick J. MacMahon, and Dr. Lucja Mirowska-Kopec.