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For the past couple weeks, Chicago based Groupon has handed over its social media audience of 22 million to African American entrepreneurs, activists, and leaders to amplify their voices during the

Part III

In Part One of this series we looked at the origins of racism. In Part Two we analyzed several forms of racism with a focus on conditioned racism.

Part II: Racism Defined / How Racism Works

Part One of our primer on confronting American racism discussed the creation of racism.

I hope you are doing well. 

In the 23 years since I started my CPS career, I have never seen so many cases and investigations opened by district officials against principals and AP's. So, yesterday I spoke at the Board of Education meeting to advocate for you and all CPS administrators regarding the district's treatment of school leaders for minor alleged reporting policy and procedures missteps.

My message was as follows:

Today CPS sent an email to school leaders about the Inspector General's findings regarding alleged testing irregularities. His findings are the latest example of his office's incompetence and willingness to shred the reputations of schools and school leaders based on evidence that is at best flimsy and at worst false. 

In a 2019 survey, over 97% of CPAA members supported collective bargaining rights for CPS administrators, so we got to work. Senate Bill 3803--written by CPAA to extend collective bargaining rights to Chicago's school leaders--was officially filed in the Illinois State Senate this week by Senator Robert Martwick.

The Trump administration budget for FY21 has nearly an 8% cut to education funding.

After the chaos created by CPS at Lincoln Park High School last week when they removed the principal and assistant principal, several school leaders have reported to CPAA that CPS gave vague and contradictory information to principals regarding sexual misconduct procedures, policies, protocols, and student discipline.

Chicago school principals and assistant principals turned out in force to speak their minds on the school rating system.