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In-Person Learning Plan Creates Adverse Learning Conditions
Plan Has a Disproportionate Negative Impact on Black and Hispanic Students

This year, Juneteenth takes on a special significance, the historic signing by President Biden, making Juneteenth a federal holiday.
Yes, let’s reopen our schools. But let’s also rethink how our schools operate.
Workers able to act collectively and bargain through their union, have been able to secure enhanced safety measures.

Less than 17% of principals and assistant principals believe the district is prepared and ready to open schools. That is according to a survey executed by the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association (see full results below). More than 370 principals and assistant principals responded.

CPAA president, Troy LaRaviere, participated in a joint school reopening press conference with the Chicago Teachers Union. This video excerpt from that press conference highlights audio of Chicago Schools CEO, Janice Jackson, telling principals she consciously chose to delay giving them critical reopening information in order to give herself time to spin the reopening announcement to the media.

AFSA joined other education,  labor and social justice organizations asking Congress to help communities around the country.

In a letter to Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer the groups wrote:

Go to incoming Democratic President Joe Biden’s “Building Back Better” agenda on his website and read through it. The word “union,” the phrase “right to organize” and especially the word “worker” run through it like a constant thread.

No wonder AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, in a Jan. 12 telephone press conference, considered Biden the most pro-worker president in decades. “And in one week and one day, Joe Biden will be inaugurated and we’re ready to work with him.”

We urge the Biden administration and Congress to seize this opportunity to transform the lives of working people through bold, structural change.