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On February 10, 2023 House Bill 5285 was signed into law by Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker.

“Women must speak up. Even though sometimes we are in the minority, we know that our voices often lead others through turbulent times. A great leader knows her strengths and uses them to make positive change. I am a voice for women.”

Advocates of equal pay for equal work used Equal Pay Day, earlier this month, to lobby the Senate to make pay equality

Greetings School Leaders:
Watch the video below to listen to ten minutes of highlights from CPAA's interview with our Mayor-Elect, Lori Lightfoot. I briefed our next mayor on a few of our major issues and she has committed to working with us to address them. Watch the video to hear her for yourself.


Over the past seven years, principals have expressed growing concerns and fears regarding being arbitrarily targeted for multiple investigations, being removed from their schools, and the genuine lack of due process that negatively impacts the professional careers and livelihood

New national survey of principals finds schools struggling with the opioid epidemic, immigration enforcement and gun violence