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In-Person Learning Plan Creates Adverse Learning Conditions
Plan Has a Disproportionate Negative Impact on Black and Hispanic Students

This year, Juneteenth takes on a special significance, the historic signing by President Biden, making Juneteenth a federal holiday.
Yes, let’s reopen our schools. But let’s also rethink how our schools operate.

I’ve been feeling kind of white lately. Maybe it’s some of that white fragility Robin DiAngelo warns us about, but more and more often when I hear somebody say “disproportionately people of color,” it sounds like they’re also saying poor and working-class white people don’t matter. That makes me queasykind of fragile, I guess.

Collective bargaining agreements. Union contracts helped protect more jobs, proportionally, against this modern-day plague. Just another reason to join the union.

We hate to sound like a broken record whose needle keeps skipping and playing the same tune over and over again, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ annual survey of union density and workers’ wages keeps playing the same tune: If you want higher pay, join a union.

Our tax dollars should be used to create jobs and advance production here at home.
Chicago school principals, assistant principals and school leaders are calling for a school reopening pilot program.

The Chicago Principals & Administrators Association has released a plan -- Return to an In-Person Teaching Environment (RITE) -- to guide school reopening in Chicago.